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Who we are and what we do.

Thirty years of experience in the fashion industry has allowed Di Fabio & Cappetta to observe and understand the particular needs of its modern elite customers. Our tailors create clothes with the passion and the attention that have always marked the true made in Italy sartorial art.
The handmade open buttonholes. The collector structure which supports the perfect construction of each item. The buttons made of horn, corozzo, mother-of-pearl or precious metals. The 22 hours dedicated to each creation.
These are all details that make the difference and that has been long abandoned by the clothing industry.
In addition, the personal advice, the attention to details, elegance and refinement, confer a unique and exclusive value to handmade creations of Di Fabio & Cappetta.

The place where quality resides

From paper/sample to the perfect outfit.

Our dresses reinterpret the canons of elegance through a constant interest in the evolution of taste and fashion.
Fabrics are chosen and matched by handmade creations skilled hands, exclusive and stylish. Finished by hand, with fine liners and craftsmanship of yesteryear,

Di Fabio & Cappetta creations combine tradition and modernity in dresses of elegant perfection.

We store the paper-templates of each creation for life so we can endlessly duplicate your perfect outfit.


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The best textile

The Di Fabio & Cappetta tailor’s shop supply the finest Italian and British textile.
We only use finest textile from a Super 120 ‘s up to prestigious 220 ‘s to give a unique style to our clothing


Loro Piana is a legend in the world of great tailoring. It operates since forever in the luxury sector making quality without compromises. For six generations the company has provided exclusive cashmere and wool fabrics to sophisticated and demanding customers becoming the largest transformer of cashmere and the largest purchaser of the finest wools in the world with a total turnover of almost 300 million.

Pride of the made in Italy industry, Loro Piana buys Cashmere, Merino Wool and Vicuña directly from the source markets so that’s the only European company to have a shearing system in Mongolia, the home of cashmere taken from the soft fur of goats living in areas that reach 40 degrees below zero. More pastures are scourged by icy winds and more softer and precious is the fleece of these animals.


Investing in research and advanced technology, the Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna has concentrated its activity in the production of wool, cashmere and mohair fabrics of high quality. In addition to the raw material used to create its textiles, the fabrics can be combed or carded.
Combed fabrics are fresher and lighter (all fabrics under 250 grams are combed) and look more “shaved” than other fabrics (minus “hairy). Combed fabrics come from the longest fibres which allow to create finer yarns. Combed yarns can also be subjected to elevated twists that add strength to the fabric and ensure a cooler and dry hand. For example: High Performance and the fabrics of Travelle’s family.
Carded fabrics look more swollen and warmer not so much for the higher weight but more for the finishes that are applied. They are used primarily for winter clothing. For carded fabrics they use shorter fibres which tend to exit from the yarn giving the fabric its distinctive look: hairy, swollen and hot.
Among the carded products of Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna cashmere fabrics and accessories stand out: precious, soft, warm, comfortable and always innovative.


Even today Holland and Sherry entrusts the production of textiles to 800s conventional machines. The dexterity of the processes allows the company to realize even small metres.
Impossible to tell about the whole massive choice but at Holland & Sherry a few months ago a new product has born whose ancient history deserves at least a mentionWe are talking about Escorial that comes from some flocks whose bloodline goes back directly to the archetype of Merino sheepThis breed was introduced to Spain by the Moors. When they were defeated in Salado in 1340 their flocks were given to Christian and hosted in Escorial monastery where the breed selection continued away from any hybridizationThose small sheeps represented an inestimable patrimony and provided for centuries wool for a few aristocratsThe few breeders of Escorial are today united in a corporation that protects the purity of the breed and of the breeding policiesTheir wool has superior fineness with a unique elasticity.


The first documents about the Barbieris Canonico’s business are dated 1663, almost two years after the accession of Louis XIV.
While sinking the roots of its activities throughout the centuries, since 1936 Barbieris Canonico produces fabrics used to produce suits, jackets and pants, exclusively in formal style. The sample collection evolves every year but it always has classical sobriety that is effective and confidential as the men who work behind itBarbieris Canonico works the title 142.000, a yarn that reaches 142 kilometers of length for one kilo without neglecting common products. Vitale Barberis Canonico came to spin and weave this noble fleece until a purity of 100%. 
Most of the products are used for the production of suits or Blazers where the formal rigour is not the passive acceptance of a scheme but a sophisticated expressive code where creativity is revealed in the technical and stylistic details.


In two centuries of history Guabello has managed to maintain its exceptional standards of quality in order to be positioned at the “top of the world production of woollen fabricsGuabello brand has acquired over time a position of absolute pre-eminence that makes it able to solve problems of the finest garment makers and designers by interpreting the creative spirit in high-quality consumption segmentsThe collection develops in six key concepts. Connoisseur: the philosophy of fabric completely redesigned. One structure to get a great economy of scalethe canvas.


The company was founded in 1920 in Naples and it’s a leader in the sale of fabrics for Haute CoutureTheir classic fabrics designed for elegance of dresses are comfortable and attractivesuitable for any occasion and use. The refined designs and fine wool make them always contemporary.
Their samples have a wide choice of Super 120 ‘s, plain and fancy, until you get to the warm and soft fabrics for suits and coat in cashmere and wool-cashmere. Great flannels, combed, linen fabrics and lightweight wools for a comfortable summer.


Drapers distributes exclusive fabrics made from excellent raw materials, using high quality production methods resulting in a distinctive style which both looks to the future, but also respects the past.

For some time, Domenico Lolli has been the man at the helm of Drapers, always with the same enthusiasm as when, as a very young man, he was part of the start up of the business, and now also with the experience gained during years of dedication and commitment.

Domenico Lolli always places the selection of the fabric at the centre of his profession, which he carries out with sensitivity and taste and with a particular ability to interpret our times in an original way. He also places great emphasis on customer service, which is characterised by assistance, speed and punctuality of delivery to the customer.


The Scabal credo is “We never cut costs when it comes to materials”. Only the noblest materials provide the results and comfort worthy of the Scabal name.

Constant improvement through research and design is another Scabal strength. We employ only highly skilled personnel so that there is a specialist at every stage of our fully owned production process, whether it be for our suits or for our fabrics. This ensures a consistently high level of quality, from the sheep to the shop, fully controlled by Scabal.

In addition to these ingredients, there is the extensive range of possibilities offered by our vast stock of 5,000 fabrics and our made-to-measure ranges plus the quality and reliability of our service. This is why Scabal is the preferred menswear supplier to its clients, offering them the art of self-expression through their exclusive clothing.


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